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June 8, 2018
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Massaging pulse inverter tooth cleaner V-20

Features of the product

  1. Unique inverter massage design of maximum frequency of 1800 times / minute



2. Massaging anti-flow technique

Pulse waterflow patent design, eccentric wheel patent design of pulse cleaning, more completely, more comfortable, more effective massage of the gum, improve the energy of the tissue of gum by 50%


3. Personalized design, 360 degrees of adjustable revolving sprayer

adhesive handle that is unique, not only convenient, but also one-key operation that is bacteria and mould proof, easy and simple, 10 sections of pulse frequency adjustment easy to operate, know you better


4. Intelligent and accurate control, accurate control chip massage inverter waterflow technique, accurate grasp the gear, enjoy a beautiful life


5. No limit on time of use, the whole family can share a single machine, free of trouble of “limit of 2 minutes of continuous use”


6. Maximum volume of 900 ml water tank

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