Why Electric Toothbrush is Helpful

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September 2, 2019
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A little change has come in terms of design since toothbrushes are in use for over 2000 years. The Chinese used bamboo brushes in the 15th century. Since the 1960s, companies as registered electric toothbrush supplier started to form in the US. Since then, technology is being evolved, and now anyone can find these toothbrushes in dentists’ offices and grocery store ledges.

Similar Function with Different Brand

Each electric toothbrush brand comprises of unique twists. However, they all have traditional features which make brushing easier. Some oscillate, while others utilize ultrasonic technology. A few have on-off switches which run for 2-minutes and beep at the intervals of 30 seconds. Regardless of the interval, it is advocated to use gentle hands while using electric toothbrushes.

A Slight Independence can make the Difference

An electric toothbrush is an excellent idea for almost everyone. However, for people having cognitive impairments, arthritis or those who have suffered a stroke at least once – an electric toothbrush can bring a fresh breath of independence which provides self-confidence boost. Slight control over one’s health can mean like the world in a recovery process of patient or longevity overall. For arthritis patients or patients having issues of muscle control, the brush allows you to hold the brush gently and let it do the rest. Most electrical brushes possess a timer too. SO you do not have to be worried about the right duration of brushing.

Give some help to Small Hands

For children, the electric toothbrush is a great thing to happen. Researches have depicted that children do not have the ability required to brush their teeth until they are unable to tie lace of their shoes. While parents still need to help small children with brushing and flo nasal irrigation (when required), an electric toothbrush provides the ability to an older child to floss their teeth. The ability offers parents with some relaxation that the toothbrush is enough to do the bulk of work. The timer in the electric toothbrush ensures that they are cleaning their teeth for the entire two minutes.

No Easy Way Out

AN electric-based toothbrush can help to compensate for coordination problems because of medical and age issues. However, using one is not an excuse to skip exams and cleaning on a regular basis. You should consider to ask them for help if cleaning or holding the toothbrush is difficult.

Wrap Up

An electric toothbrush is a mere cog in the wheel regarding your oral health.