About Us

About Matwave

The vision of the company is to advertise the healthy way of living in the 21st century, providing high-quality, personalized and efficient personal healthcare products.Maihui Medical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the wholly owned branch of Matwae Rechnologies Inc. in the U.S. in China. The headquarters of the company is in Dellas in Texas, and is established by a group of scientists and entrepreneurs with strong wish to develop innovative and practical personal healthcare products. Mainhui has a series of products including Cleanpro, CleanMax and Clean NZ. The products have been certified by and registered in the FDA, owns many patents, and are recommended by ADA. We pursue the highest standard in securiy and performance during the development and manfacturing procedures of the product. The production facilities conform to the standard approaches of production practice, and the most strict health standards, so as to ensure the excellent quality of the products. It has won the certification of many countries, and the products are sold to every corner of the world..

Service Aim

We provide personal care products that are innovative and efficient, and exceeds the expectation of the consumers with outastanding product performance and considerate customer service. We are a leader in the personal care industry, understands the needs of the consumers and provides considerate solutions while promoting the healthy way of life in the 21st century. We focus on the persistent development and introducing the new products, ensuring the offer of the most valuable personal care products. We will always put the health and safety of the consumers in the first place, this is the pursuit of Maihui forever.

Our Vision

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Research and development team

Maihui doesn’t only have an experienced team, but also cooperated with many experts in the profession. Based on the broad consumer research and product development, Mainhui will release a set of prdoucts emphasizing personal cleanness and healthcare. Each product will be offered to customers pursuing quality, making their life healthy and happy. For more products, please pay attention to our website.

Features of the product

  • Maximum frequency is 1600 times per minute, unique design off massaging pulse water flow
  • Personalized design 360 degree of adjustable spray head, unique absorptive handle design, convenient to use, mould proof and bacteria proof, one-key operation for the whole machine, simple and convenient!
  • Low voltage circuit safe design Unique 16V low-voltage circuit design, safe for the children and old people to use
  • No limit on the time of use, you can shower for however long you want, the whole family can share one machine, you are free of the trouble of “no consecutive use for more than 2 minutes!
  • Five gears of ultimatum pulse adjustment, meet the needs of the whole family