Electric Toothbrush supplier in China

Matwave is a leading and trusted electric toothbrush supplier and water flosser supplier serving its customers with the best products for quite some time now. As an electric toothbrush, we have managed to export our products to many buyers in the international market and gained praises everywhere. As a reputable water flosser supplier, we believe in supplying only high-quality products to our clients. In addition, our hard work has helped us reach many milestones over the years which involve improving relations with our international clients.

As a well-known electric toothbrush supplier and water flosser. Our sinus care irrigation is designed carefully and safe for use. We advise all our clients that if they wish to rinse down a large chunk of sinus cavities, then they should use douche fluid that is operated by a metered nasal spray device. People who are looking for an invocative and safe solution to improve their oral health and hygiene then water flossers are what you should be looking for. This tool is a must have product in your restroom from this day onwards.

Water Flosser Supplier in China

As a leading water flosser supplier, our vision is to provide innovative healthcare solutions in the 21st century. Matwave Technologies Inc. has a state of the art factory, which reflects their dedication towards providing only high-quality goods to all their clients. The primary purpose behind a water flosser is to improve oral hygiene without any pain. Our water flossers have proven to work effectively as well as reduce bleeding up to 90%. In addition, our hygienic products can also reduce the chances of people getting infected by a gum disease. Our products are clinically tested before they are launched into the international market. If you are looking for the best water flosser, then you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide range of products that are both beneficial and safe for your oral health and hygiene.

We keep our production unit updated with the latest technology that is why we are known for using the most advanced methods of production as the electric toothbrush supplier. We understand the delicate nature of our product and how important it is to keep the environment clean where these brushes are manufactured, packed, and transported. Being the water flosser supplier, we have to take utmost care during the entire production process until the product is dispatched. We have to make sure that the atmosphere inside the manufacturing plant and the packaging unit should be germ-free and sanitized. We are offering high-quality electric toothbrush and water flosser in the most reasonable prices. If not impossible than it is certainly difficult for our competitors to match the quality in the same price range as ours. Our top most priority is our customers, and that is why we have been successful.

Introduction To The Company

The vision of the company is to advertise the healthy way of living in the 21st century, providing high-quality, personalized and efficient personal healthcare products. Maihui Medical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the wholly owned branch of Matwave Technologies Inc. in the U.S. in China. The headquarters of the company is in Dallas in Texas, and is established by a group of scientists and entrepreneurs with strong wish to develop innovative and practical personal healthcare products. Mainhui has a series of products including Cleanpro, CleanMax and Clean NZ. The products have been certified by and registered in the FDA, owns many patents, and are recommended by ADA. We pursue the highest standard in security and performance during the development and manufacturing procedures of the product. The production facilities conform to the standard approaches of production practice, and the most strict health standards, so as to ensure the excellent quality of the products. It has won the certification of many countries, and the products are sold to every corner of the world.

Our Vision

As an international electric tooth brush supplier, we believe in promoting all the healthy ways of living in the 21st century. Our goal is to provide high-quality dental and healthcare products designed to perfection internationally.